Online Marketing

Access Online Marketing provides your company with a complete online marketing strategy based on your company's specific needs. Therefore, we spend a good deal of time and resources researching both your market and your customers in order to create familiar routes that make it easy for new customers to follow.

Our goals are, appropriately, your goals. We are dedicated to improving your bottom line. And to do that we need to find out exactly what your prospective customers want.

That means: focused traffic, keeping your customers onsite, and coming back. In order to understand what prospective customers are looking for, we will analyze your log files, e-mail lists, and customer data forms to get a clear picture of your current customer base.

Taking the information we've gathered, we will assemble a program that will increase focused traffic and, consequently, increase sales.

We have no preconceived notions about your traffic, and no preconceived solutions.

We believe that each company has a unique clientele and, if we create clear paths and open familiar doors, we will increase sales for you.

Designing Your Website

-Site Design & Layout
-Web site hosting plans
-Logo Design
-Custom Graphics
-Clear, Fast Loading Images
-Shopping Carts
-Information Forms
-Clean Sound Files
-Custom Music
-Site Map
-Bulletin Boards
-Password Protection
-Search Engine Optimization

We also offer photography and streaming media for your web site

Shopping Cart Integrated Website

We will build your online store with our E-Commerce Wizard software - the most advanced and easy-to-use shopping cart software - we can link your Ecommerce shopping cart to any existing merchant account / gateway processor.Or set you up with a new one.

Website Maintenance

Maintenance is a factor most websites require and benefit from.

Fresh graphics, content updates, what's new sections, and general expansion are elements that keep people coming back to your site and continually strengthen the overall impact of your site.

By the time your site is up and functioning you will have spent time and money and you will want to do everything you can to maximize your return!

Some clients maintain there own sites and learn the required skills to perform that function. If you choose this option we are here to guide you if you get into trouble or have questions.

Many clients choose to have us do the maintenance of their websites. We can work out a reasonable contract depending on the amount of updating you expect.

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